Don’t Think, Dear (US)- pub date Feb 28, 2022

11/7/22, Canadian Jewish News (review): “A nuanced portrait… Part of what makes the book compelling is the way it focuses, unexpectedly, not on professional dancers, but on the far more typical story of dancers who tried and, somewhere along the way, failed or gave up.”
11/28/22, Publisher’s Weekly (review): “This will deepen readers’ understanding of the insular world of ballet.”
12/1/22, Library Journal (review): “Robb immerses readers in the dance milieu and what sacrifices are made for a beautiful fantasy… captures ballet’s romance as well as its dark and traumatic side.”

Why We Dream (US)

7/5/18, The Cut (interview): Why don’t we dream about our smartphones?
7/12/18, The Cut (interview): Why you keep having the same work stress dream over and over
7/13/18, CBS News segment
9/3/18, Vogue: 17 new books you won’t want to miss this fall
9/11/18, LitHub: The ultimate fall 2018 books preview
9/18/18, Elle: The 28 best books to read in fall 2018
9/18/18, The Atlantic (mention)The unknowable enigma of babies’ dreams
10/8/18, Spirituality & Health: review
11/1/18, TIME: Best new books to read in November
11/2/18, The Cut (interview): How to recover from a night of bad dreams
11/10/18, New York Times Sunday Review (excerpt): Why do you keep dreaming you forgot your pants? It’s science.
11/16/18, TIME (excerpt): People say it’s boring to talk about a dream you had. Here’s why you should do it anyway.
11/20/18, Wired (excerpt): Lucid dreaming: This retreat can train your nighttime visions
11/20/18, Interview with NPR’s On Point
11/20/18, Vice (excerpt): Dreams can help people deal with grief and breakups
11/21/18, The Cut: How to actually interpret your dreams
11/21/18, Interview with Gretchen Rubin
11/26/18, NPR (review): Why We Dream is a cogent, spirited defense of dreams and dream-telling
11/26/18, “60-Second Book Excerpt” in New York magazine
11/28/18, Bustle: 12 books about sleep to help you get the rest you need
12/1/18, New York Post (review): How dreaming makes you fitter, smarter and happier
12/2018, BookPage: review
12/2018, Lapham’s Quarterly: excerpt
12/2018, BookPage (interview): Dream weaver
12/7/18, The Verge (interview): How scientists are studying dreams in the lab
12/10/18, The New Yorker (review): Why we sleep, and why we often can’t
12/17/18, The Miami Herald (syndicated in The Charlotte Observer, The Sacramento Bee etc): Move over, book club. Dream groups are taking over.
12/21/18, Minneapolis Star Tribune: 5 hot books
12/21/18, The Cut: The best health and science books of 2018
12/27/18, Longreads (interview): The science of dreaming
1/2/19, The Guardian: Top 10 books about insomnia
1/3/19, TODAY: 6 books to add to your 2019 reading list
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3/5/20, New York Public Library blog: Great books about sleep that are worth losing sleep over
4/2/20, The Cut: Why am I having weird dreams during the coronavirus pandemic?
4/7/20, Jezebel (interview): I had a sex dream about Eric Trump and I was so disturbed I called a dream expert 
9/30/20, HuffPost (interview): What does it mean when you dream about work?

Why We Dream (UK & International)

11/1/18, The London Evening Standard: The best new books to read this November
12/28/18, The Times of London: The Times selects the biggest non-fiction books of 2019
2/11/19, The Guardian: From the cardiologist to the baker: How busy people manage sleep
3/21/19, Stylist: Why it’s never too late to chase your dreams
3/22/19, The Times (review): Decoding messages from the land of nod
4/14/19, The Observer (interview): “When we dream, we have the perfect chemical canvas for intense visions
6/6/19, The New Statesman (excerpt): On the pleasure of lucid dreaming
9/22/19, BBC Radio 3 (interview): The music of the night
1/18/20, The Daily Mail: Bedtime reading: five books that will give you insight into your dreams
1/29/20, The New Statesman (mention): The insomnia problem
3/24/20, Vogue (interview): It turns out your anxiety dreams could have hidden benefits
5/13/20, The New Statesman (interview): Dreaming of covid-19
5/16/20, Vogue (interview): Does anyone else keep dreaming about their ex during lockdown?
7/29/20, The Sunday Post (interview): Pandemic dreams
3/21/21, The Digital Human podcast (BBC 4): Dreams