Don’t Think, Dear- pub date Feb 28, 2023

11/7/22, Canadian Jewish News (review): “A nuanced portrait”

11/28/22, Publisher’s Weekly (review): “This will deepen readers’ understanding of the insular world of ballet.”

12/1/22, Library Journal (review): “Robb immerses readers in the dance milieu and what sacrifices are made for a beautiful fantasy… captures ballet’s romance as well as its dark and traumatic side.”

12/13/22, Zibby Mag: Zibby’s Most Anticipated Books of 2023

12/21/22, Kirkus (review): “At once a tribute to the art form that shaped her and an exploration of a ‘beautiful pain cult’…An elegantly incisive, meditative work.”

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2/14/23, Broadway Direct: Best theater books of the month

2/18/23, The Times (UK) (review): “She brings a welcome academic rigour to the subject, clearly born of deeply held emotions….In a poignant parallel narrative, Robb reveals what happened to the girls in her class at the School of American Ballet.”

2/22/23,The Guardian (review): The beauty and cruelty of ballet

2/24/23, The New York Times: Letting go of her ballet dream

2/27/23, Pointe: Interview

2/28 (March issue), Vogue (excerpt): My whole life was ballet–what did it mean to give it up?

2/28/23, Fjord Review (interview): What Ballet Leaves Behind

3/2/23, The Atlantic (excerpt): What ballet taught me about my body

3/2/23, Jezebel (excerpt): In ballet, pain really is beauty

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3/5/23, MSNBC “American Voices” (interview): Former ballerina on toxicity in ballet world

3/7/23 (March issue), Vanity Fair (books round-up): “A beautiful, difficult and compelling memoir”

3/7/23, The Independent (interview): Alice Robb on how would-be ballerinas are taught to be thin, silent and submissive

3/12/23, The Observer (review): A thoughtful memoir casts a critical eye on ballet

3/14/23, Washington Post (review): Ballet begins with a dream. Too often, it turns into a nightmare.

3/14/23, NPR‘s “Here and Now” (mention): Can we still love ballet in the #MeToo era?

3/17/23, The Times Literary Supplement (review): More anchorite than athlete: A study of ballet focusing on ‘the women who didn’t make it’

Why We Dream (US)

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Why We Dream (UK & International)

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3/21/21, The Digital Human podcast (BBC 4): Dreams