My second book, Don’t Think, Dear: On Loving and Leaving Ballet, was published by Mariner Books/HarperCollins (US) on February 28, 2023 and by Oneworld (UK) on March 2, 2023.

It’s been called “a beautiful, difficult, and compelling memoir” (Vanity Fair); “a nuanced, intimate mash-up of memoir, reportage and cultural criticism” (The Guardian); “enlightening, perceptive” (The Wall Street Journal); “remarkable for its nuance and insight…a book about love, even if that love is ultimately unrequited” (Times Literary Supplement); “compelling” (The Washington Post); “enthralling” (The New Statesman); “riveting” (The Daily Mail“); “fascinating” (The Independent); “brings a welcome academic rigour to the subject, clearly born of deeply held emotion” (Times of London); “draws from a breathtaking range of sources…throws a radical challenge to the premises of authority otherwise tightly controlling the art form’s narratives” (The New Republic).

You can read an excerpt in Vogue or learn more about it in this New York Times profile, “Letting Go of Her Ballet Dream.”

My first book, Why We Dream, was published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in November 2018. It’s been recommended by places like Vogue (“personable, persuasive”), Elle, TIME, New York, NPR (“spirited, cogent”), The Guardian and The New Yorker (“a spirited rebuke to the idea of to the idea of sleep as a mere parting with consciousness…In celebrating dreams as poetic artifacts, Robb offers a welcome antidote to the medicine administered by most sleep gurus.”)

It has been translated into over a dozen foreign languages.

You can read an excerpt, which appeared on the cover of The New York Times Sunday Review, here.

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