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My first book, Why We Dream, was published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in November 2018 and has been recommended by places like Vogue, Elle, TIME, New York and The Guardian. It is being translated into seventeen foreign languages.

You can read an excerpt, which appeared on the cover of The New York Times Sunday Review, here. (Other excerpts appeared in TIME, Wired and Lapham’s Quarterly.)

The New Yorker says it’s “a spirited rebuke to the idea of sleep as a mere parting with consciousness… she is able to tread a careful and persuasive line between robust skepticism and open-mindedness…Part of the charm of Robb’s book lies in her willingness to journey beyond the bounds of what is scientifically verifiable—to embrace the strictly unrigorous ways in which humans attempt to extract meaning from their dream lives….In celebrating dreams as poetic artifacts, Robb offers a welcome antidote to the medicine administered by most sleep gurus. She is a more persuasive sleep saleswoman precisely because she does not champion slumber solely as a mental-health aid—an enhancer of acuity and efficiency, and so forth—but as an end in itself.”

My second book, Don’t Think, Dear, will be published by Mariner Books/HarperCollins (US) and Oneworld (UK) in early 2023.

I have written for magazines and newspapers like Vanity Fair, The Washington Post, New York, Elle, The New Statesman, and The New Republic.